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Date: November 14, 2018
Time: For You To Stop Being Broke (finally)
From: Pre$ton Ely


My name is Preston Ely. Yeah, that’s right… the "previously bankrupt, high school dropout, with current severe learning disability" guy.

They literally laughed at me in high school when I told em I’d be rich without going to college. But I promise you… they aren’t laughing any more. I’m about to show you how I made $19,000 in less than 30 days without knowing a thing about real estate… and how you can too.

For years now I have been helping other people do what I did… become financially free by exploiting a secret overlooked part of the real estate market.

While all the clueless and frenzied mass of wannabe investors are out there fishing the stormy ocean of foreclosures (and coming up empty handed… and sea sick… and lame), me and my students are quietly fishing a little known creek around the bend where apparently it has been fully stocked with large mouth ca$hfish. We pretty much just yell at the water and they jump right out and into the boat.

We like to drink Dom Perignon afterwards and go on really really really long vacations. We look just like the guys in the boat in that picture except for no suits and waaayyy nicer boats.

My Boat That I Fish From

The foreclosure people’s biggest problem is how they’re going to pay their rent next month because the deals take 6 months to close.

Our biggest problem is what in the heck to do with all the darn money. Our banks think we’re doing something illegal. They said we have to stop bringing in our deposits with duffle bags.

Well now I’d like to help YOU

… just as I have for vast numbers of other people, year after year …

I will do it for you.

… no matter what kind of results you’ve been getting (or not getting) up to now … and no matter how much you currently suck at the real estate game.

What I have to reveal to you applies if you are a total clueless newbie who has done nothing more than accidentally go to a Rich Dad Poor Dad seminar and waste $35,000 on coaching (ha—sucker) or a war scarred real estate veteran searching for a way to do things the EASY way instead of the hard way ... and double, triple, even TENple (that’s ten times over—I just made it up) your current income!

If you’ve got the guts to survive a brutally honest business reality check that will SHOCK you to the roots of your soul, you really can change your entire life. Starting today. Right now.

I’d Like To Share With You The Secret To How I Went About Quitting My Job Of Ten Years And Making Half A Million Dollars My Very First Year In Real Estate.

That’s right. $500,000. First year. $507,743.12 to be exact.

Not bad eh?

Now I'm not saying just because I did that, you'll be able to do that ... but as long as EVERYone keeps asking me to teach them how I did it, I will. I’m a people person. What can I say.

I tell them how to develop the mind of a successful entrepreneur in the first place. I instruct them in the processes of quick turn real estate. How I do it with absolutely no money or credit or risk at all and how they can too.

But there was one thing I never told them. Not until very recently. There was always one thing I kept close to my chest. It was just too good to share.

... How I Discovered The Absolute Easiest Way To Find Houses At Under 50% Of Their Value!

My Secret Lead Generation Strategy

It was storming really hard outside. I remember that specifically. Great analogy for my life, I thought, as I stopped my pacing to lean against the wall and peer outside the window. When the heck are things ever going to change for me?

I said a short prayer that God would just strike me in the face with a lightning bolt and end it right then and there. Things sucked so bad back then. Everything was just so hard all the time. I was always behind on bills. Never getting ahead. Always one financial catastrophe after another. I couldn’t seem to break the week-to-week cycle no matter how hard I tried. Perhaps you can relate.

My pacing resumed.

I was just rolling it over and over in my mind. Asking myself, asking God, asking anyone who had the ability to magically read my mind at that moment.

What was I asking?

Ahhh. I’m glad you asked, my friend.

The Question

Yes, The Question. It is The Question that haunts every wannabee real estate investor (yes you, dork) who is either at the start of his journey down Real Estate Road or has yet to make it over the hump to the utopian land of the Financially Free.

The Question is…

I know I have what it takes to get rich in real estate because all these other idiots are doing it. But how in the world am I going to keep it fresh, fun, and ultra-sexy when it is sOOooo flippin’ BORING?

Wait a minute. No. That was one of my own personal questions that doesn’t haunt anyone but me. Whoops. That’s a great question; don’t get me wrong. Quality question—definitely. But it’s not THE Question.

By the way, I did manage to satisfactorily answer the question of sexiness in real estate as clearly evidenced by my current super sexy operation. It is without a doubt the freshest, funniest, and ultra-sexiest real estate organization in existence today. Ask around.

I digress.

Back to The Question.

The question I was asking myself that day, and the question you may be asking yourself, was simply this—

How in the world am I going to make this thing happen? Like … in real life. Outside a seminar.

And what we mean by that of course is, how are we going to get our phone ringing with all these wonderful deals that we hear about from all the fancy speakers on stage selling products and programs?

Are those deals even real? You’ve probably asked yourself that question before. Am I right?

I mean, who sells their house for $45,000 when it’s worth $100,000? Honestly? That doesn’t even make sense.

All legitimate questions. Easily answered, but legitimate nonetheless. I used to ask them myself. You’re smart to ask them. And you’re also smart to keep an open mind to The Answer.

And so I paced. Back and forth. Back and forth.

How am I going to do this?

What is the best way for me to generate leads?

Who do I know that can help me?


Finally, I had asked the right question. And I got the right answer. I was immediately reminded of a real estate attorney who went to my church. So I took him out to lunch, and we simply talked about how we could help each other.

I basically used good diplomatic skills to get what I wanted. I offered a lot, and asked for a little. I offered to do closings with him, hire him to do my contracts, refer people to him, etc. All I asked was for a few leads here and there. If he happened to know someone wanting to sell, simply give me the chance to make an offer.

His response?

Well … I just so happen to be working on an estate case where the deceased left behind a house that the beneficiaries don’t want…

Long story short—

I Left That Meeting With A Lead That Shoved $19,000 Net Cash In My Pocket Within 30 days Without Ever Spending So Much As One Dime (Not Even A Deposit).

Would You Like Me To Show You How I Did It?

Well whadya know, I thought to myself as I left the closing table. The dream is real.

I had finally answered The Question. I had cracked the code.

The answer that I had discovered can very easily and simply be your answer as well. The Answer was (and is)…


“Out of the 17 Direct Mail Campaigns that we do, probates produces the biggest and best deals, hands down.

Preston is the absolute KING when it comes to probates!”

Than Merrill
Former NFL Player/Star of A&E’s Flip That House/National Speaker and My Good Friend

Uummm…What’s A Probate?

The process of legally establishing the validity of a will before a judicial authority.

Probate is simply the legal process of expediting a will. When someone dies, (hey, this is real life…death happens) their assets must be distributed to the heirs through the legal process known as probate.

One of the main assets being distributed is usually a house.

The whole process can take anywhere from 3 months to…a really long time. Lucky for us, the house can usually be released from the probate if a buyer (us) is found.

The main stars of the show that concern us are the petitioner (or executor), the beneficiaries, and the attorney handling the case. That’s it.

The petitioner is the person the deceased has elected to handle the whole process. The beneficiaries are the people who are inheriting the assets. And the attorney is the guy profiting more from this than all the other stars combined though know one really knows why.

Preston, You’re Boring The Hell Outta Me. Get To The Point Already.

Do you not see the genius in this? Isn’t it obvious? Think this through with me…

Any of that sound good to you? Yes or yes?

I thought so.

But before I show you how you can easily copy exactly what I did for your own personal benefit, allow me to very briefly explain why this website is even up right now in the first place.

It Was Another Dark Stormy Day Something Super Sexy Was In The Air…

Just kidding.

I won’t bore you with the long version. I know you’re busy.

So here I am minding my own business, generating a fabrillion dollars a minute flipping houses like a Japanese midget in Cirque De Sole (they flip—a LOT). I may as well have been printing money from a Federal printing press at that point, it was so gosh awful easy.

Anyways, I’m pushing my wheelbarrows of cash around trying to figure out what in the world to do with it all, and this is all I hear constantly—

Preston—tell us your secret.

Preston—teach us what you’re doing. We’ll pay you. (replace that last sentence with we’ll kill you on some occasions)

Preston—how can you possibly make this much money when your hair is nine different colors, you’re under the age of 30, and you never wear actual shoes. Ever.

Preston—How are you doing this? Inquiring minds want to know.

Ask my buddy and renowned real estate expert Mike Collins. He would interview me on national teleseminars and I wouldn’t even tell HIM what I was doing.

You see, at that point and time, I could count on my hands the number of people in my area who marketed to probates. I simply wanted to keep it that way.

Admittedly—this was small thinking. I have since corrected this lack mentality since it has been proven to me beyond a shadow of a doubt that there is no way to exhaust the amount of probate deals that are out there. There’s enough to go around for everyone. Trust me.

For The Longest Time I Didn’t Even Tell My Very Own Students The Secret To My Success

Selfish. I know. But they still made lots of money doing other things.

But then an interesting thing happened. I decided to spill my guts to my top students. Admittedly I was pretty nervous about it. Up to that point I had a virtual chokehold on the Tampa Bay area probate market.

What would happen when I invited competition into the mix? And what would happen if they all wore top hats and had no hands???

Well my top students started making a ridiculous amount of money. That’s what happened.

But that’s not the interesting thing.

The interesting thing is that I kept right on bringing just as much probate business in as I always had! Which just goes to prove my theory that there are so many deals out there that your so-called competition is borderline irrelevant.

So anyways, little by little, more and more people started signing up for my mentoring program that I had to quit doing my own marketing and work strictly through and with my mentees.

My buddy John Paul (or JP as he is more commonly known as) over at realestatemogul.com had the inside scoop on my sneaky lead generation tactics, and he started asking me to share my insights with the community.

I basically told him to get in line.

No, you don’t understand, Preston. Our people are requesting this. They will PAY you for this, he said.

Oh. Well then they go to the front of the line, I replied. :-)

So we scheduled a tele-bootcamp that ended up literally going down in history.

We Put More People On That Tele-Conference Than We Had Ever Had Before In Our 7-Year HISTORY

… And What They Heard Literally Took Their Breath Away

The people on the call were literally shocked.

They were dumbfounded.

They could not BELIEVE the quality of the information that I delivered that day.

The most common response that I heard? Something to this effect—You just gave us more real-life useful information in a few hours than we got at Jim Bank’s $3,000 / 3 day bootcamp.

Here’s a few testimonials from attendees. And remember—this was no free teleseminar. These people PAID to be on it. It was a 4 hour long Saturday afternoon workshop…

Oscar Luna – Miami
Frank Payton Jr – Downers Grove, IL

(note—I have no idea why those two first guys were yelling at me. I think they were just really excited is all.)

Hey JP and Preston—Another very worthwhile session today. Thanks a lot for revealing some of your individual shortcomings, as well as giving out so much useful info.
Rob McClure – Santa Cruz, CA
Yes I was another dumb dumb that paid 2,995.00 for a three day workshop and have just heard everything I needed to know for mere pocket change in comparison.
Sol Merina – NYC
You guys should start a act of your own, awesome personality’s Thanks for this call why is your stuff so cheap and filled with good stuff when others charge so much money? Not saying you should charge more but just an observation?
Donald Schaefer – Ronkonkoma

How would you like to get this same information that these folks got?

Does making $20,000 within 30 days like I did sound good to you at all?

It’s a no brainer.

Introducing, for the first time ever, my personal secret to real estate success…


I can’t thank you enough for how you’ve impacted my life. I bought your ebook about a year ago and it blew my mind. Then last winter I started going through Probates By Preston. At that point I had acquired the knowledge to do what I needed to do, but like many others fear held me back. Well today is July 30th and I’ve finally faced my fears and closed my first wholesale probate deal!. All I can say is, What was I so scared about? This is so easy and awesome! Attached is a photo of my pretty face, along with the shack I flipped and the check that came along with it. Now on to the next one!

Adam Walker
Louisville, KY

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“Thank you Preston!

I’ve been full time in real estate for a few years now and even though I’m brain-dead from too many seminars from all the usual gurus, your information caught my eye since it is brain-dead simple and easy to implement.

When I saw that you had a PROBATE program some weeks ago, I jumped on it because even though we’ve done some probate properties I figured that you would have an easier way. I was right.

We just made our first PROBATE BY PRESTON deal, which start to finish closed in just under 2 weeks.”

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Better Than Any Real Estate Boot Camp That I Have Attended…

Preston’s probate course is one of the most comprehensive, step-by-step programs that I have seen. This program is better than any real estate boot camp that I have attended.

Tom Martin
Shawnee, KS

Preston, Give Me This Course Or I’m Gonna Freak Out!

(this is my mom in the blue tank top)

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A Great Way To Get Started Quickly And Really Make Some Money

We’ve been doing probates for about a year but we added a couple of things from your course and those have worked out pretty well for us. Overall your course has alot of really great probate information. If your looking for a probates course, this is a great way to get started quickly and really make some money.

I Want Mo Money Dang It!

I Am Worthy! I’m Clicking Because I Am Worthy!

3 Deals In 60 Days!

Preston has a very good course, it’s to the point and no nonsense. It’s something that is real world, that you can take and act on very quickly. From our first mailing, we got our first deal and subsequent mailings have more deals lined up!

Robert Rudd
Powhatan, VA

The bottom line is this, buddy…

You Wanna Work Dumb And Hard And BE BROKE? Or Smart And Easy And BE RICH?

It’s Your Choice.

(Hint: Take The Blue Pill)

What was your answer?

Dumb and hard… or smart and easy? If it’s dumb and hard, then this is where we must part ways. I can’t hang out with dummies. I don’t want that rubbing off on me. Get a job as a mortgage broker or a realtor or something really hard and difficult like that.

All smart people, please proceed …

You see, here was my dilemma: I wanted to make my fortune in real estate just the same as you. BUT (and this is a big but), I wanted to do it without a lot of stress and hard work.

The thought of swinging a hammer, or having a bunch of employees to manage, or constantly inspecting properties just didn’t appeal to me. Still doesn’t. Never will. I’m too lazy.

Now when I say hard work, what I really mean to say is, anything that I don’t find enjoyable. I’m well aware that you have to work hard to succeed. Anyone who says otherwise is either lying or ignorant. Maybe both.

Success doesn’t just fall into our lap. Believe me; I know. I used to just pray, and then wait for it to fall from the sky. Nothing ever happened.

I’d pray, then look up into the sky. Pray. Look up into the sky. Pray. Look. Pray. Look. Over and over.


Well, not nothing. One time I prayed, then looked, and a bird pooped on my face. That was something.

But once I started pro-actively busting my butt … the money started pouring in like a tsunami. Not from the sky, but rather, from other people.

So it’s agreed, we must work for our money. But there is a smart way to do this, and there is a DUMB way to do this. There is an easy way, and there is a hard way. A right way and a wrong way. A peaceful way and a stressful way. I could go on and on. I won’t though.

Preston Is A Great Guy Who Walks The Talk

Probates are great and Preston is a great guy who walks the talk. After learning his strategies, I’ve acquired a probate deal. We found a buyer for it like in a nanosecond. If I were you people… buy Preston’s courses. You’ll be laughing your way to the bank when you do!

Trace Trajano
Mason, OH

Psst … I’ll Let You In On A Secret … You’re Doing It All Wrong.

My first hurdle in attempting to exit the rat race and enter the land of the free was to figure out which particular field of the real estate profession was the best and easiest and smartest and non-dumbest.

15 rental properties, a couple evictions, and a total disaster of a renovation later…this was not difficult to figure out‐

Wholesaling. (also known as flippers)

Wholesalers Rule The Universe.

That’s the bottom line. We have all the fun, we have all the freedom, and we have all the money. So NYEAH! Take THAT and plant it in yo momma’s vegetable garden (I have no idea what I mean by that. But do it anyways. Go on! PLANT IT!).

I’m not going to make a huge pitch for wholesaling right now. You’ll benefit from what I have to offer you no matter what type of real estate investing you happen to do. But if you’re still reading this letter, then that means you’re smart and not dumb ... and smart people are all wholesalers. Everyone knows this.

A lot of landlords may disagree with me on that sentiment. But as usual when people are disagreeing with my sentiments … I really don't care.

Consider that successful wholesaler’s net worths are LIQUID. They make their millions and then go buy REAL investments. Like businesses, and apartment complexes, and SMALL ISLANDS.

Renting single family houses. Gimme a break. Broaden your scope people! There’s a better way.

So because of how important I feel that adding wholesaling to your repertoire IS … I am including this instructional wholesaling CD for your listening pleasure—

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I Got Really Excited About Investing Again

I have been in the business for a while and totally lost sight and became a total slacker just making enough to get by.

I got on your mailing list and watched all your emails come by and I got really excited about investing again. I was already mailing to probates with minimal success but as soon as I got your course I implemented your letter along with a few other tips that I picked up. I quickly bought 3 properties from my probate marketing.

Mind If I Make This Even EASIER For You?

Part of your probate lead generation process is creating and sending letters to all the beneficiaries of the estate. Well when I first started doing this I had to manually create each letter for the different people.

It was a major pain (to say the least).

Well guess what … I paid BIG bucks to have an online software program created that does away with this hassle for you! Type the information in once, and it auto-fills the different recipient’s information into the letters for you!

Introducing my one-of-a-kind, time saving, headache removing Probate Letter Generator

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That's exactly what my newsletter provides. Specific action steps in clear-cut, easily digestible bites to keep you on the cutting edge of what's working right this second.

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I Love His No Nonsense Approach To Investing

Hi, My name is Linnette. I live in Pembroke Pines, FL, however I do most of my investing in SC with my Dad. We purchased Preston’s Flip your way to Financial Freedom & his Probate course. We’ve used his techniques to find motivated sellers. I love his no-non-sense approach to investing. His products are easy to understand. Our primary focus is short sales, however our last probate deal was closed in Oct 08. It only took 15 days from start to finish. Thanks Preston & keep the emails coming. I love the encouragement & upbeat attitude you posses. TTFN

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Let’s recap what you will get when you order Probates By Preston today:

Total Value Of Everything You Are About To Get—


That’s no made-up amount. There’s no fluff there. That’s real. I don’t over exaggerate. Ask around. I am KNOWN for undervaluing things when it comes to business transactions. It keeps things on the safe side and makes for good business.

When I tell someone a house I’m selling is worth approximately $200,000 fixed up, when I know it will probably appraise for $220,000—I have just done good business and made a friend and long time customer.

You know what kills me? All the people who whine and complain about how much money they have spent on courses and seminars. Gimme a break.

First of all, you are over-exaggerating. What you mean to say is, I’ve spent a thousand dollars so far and still haven’t made a dime.

Well so freakin what? I own 50 home study courses, at least.

What did you think this was, cooking class or something? Did you think this was going to be easy? If you want easy, go be a librarian. If you want MONEY — then get ready to bust your ass for real.

I’m just telling you how it is. Flipping houses is not complex or difficult to understand at ALL, but it does take tenacity and will and a tough-minded personality. If you don’t have it, I can help you develop it. That’s what I do. I take whimps and turn them into warriors.

The Marketplace Is For Warriors Looking For A Fight. Not Whining Whimps Looking For An Easy Way Out.

Get a grip. Snap out of your delusion. This is real life, homey.

Second of all, I probably spent over $20,000 on my personal education last year alone. Worth every penny. That $20,000 will make me 2 million this year.

So maybe you don’t spend $20,000 (yet) for $2 million, but you spend $2,000 for $200,000.

Is it worth it??

A good college is over $20,000 a year. And you come out learning NOTHING.

What you are about to get from me is worth over $2,000. Guess how much you are going to pay though.

Not over $2,000.

All my friends in the industry told me to charge no less than $797. They’re actually UPSET with me for not charging more!!! (it makes them look bad) And I could charge that and get it without one shred of guilt in my heart, knowing that it’s worth twice that much.

Heck maybe I will end up raising it to that as sales increase. Who knows.

But as an introductory offer, your price is only:


Yes, I know I am not charging enough. I don’t care. I want as many people to have this as possible, and I simply don’t love money so much as to charge every single cent that I can for every single thing that I do. I’ll leave that to all the greedy money-hungry gurus out there who have nothing better to do with their lives than make money.

So that’s it. Over $2,800 worth of stuff for $97.00.

Return it if you don’t like it for whatever reason and I’ll refund you 100% and let you keep the bonuses.

Probates By Preston 100% Guarantee Of Non-Suckiness

Try Probates By Preston RISK FREE for 60 Days!!!

If you think my product sucks and didn’t live up to what I said it was, simply return it within 60 days, keep the bonuses, and I will refund your money promptly. No questions about your sanity asked.

Now What If I Show You A Way To Get All This Stuff For FREE?!

You can have all this stuff for free. If you CHOOSE to that is.

You see, what I have to tell you in this course is so cut and dry, so simple, and so effective, that all you have to do is simply CHOOSE to put it into action… and you are virtually guaranteed success.

Well I’m always looking for more testimonials. So once you get your first deal done (I’ve done hundreds, so you can do at least one right?), I want you to email me a copy of the check, give me a testimonial about how my system helped you do it, and I’ll refund your money for the course.

Fair enough?

Send me a copy of the check and a testimonial… and you just got over $2,888 worth of stuff for free.

FREE??? You Had Me At Hello.

Go to any of the probate "bootcamps" and you will spend $3,000–$7,000 simply to learn somewhere across the country over a period of 3 days what I teach you in a matter of a few hours from the comfort of your car. The choice is yours.

Probates By Preston

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